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Got  a "Honey-Do" list? Getting ready to sell your home? No problem. HR&G Cleaning will get your home in tip-top shape. Professional cleaning at affordable prices. Give us a call today and schedule a free estimate.


We will assess if pressure washing is the best solution for your building's exterior. If there is any damage, paint, delicate features to wash around, or other elements that make pressure washing dangerous, we may instead suggest a low-pressure technique. This will work just as well to remove dirt and other debris, but will keep your home safe*.

*Bubbling, peeling or flaking paint will come loose from the exterior, even with low-pressure washing.


Our deck cleaning equipment is designed to clean properly while  protecting the surface by using the least amount of pressure possible  when providing deck cleaning or pressure washing services. Many  contractors use home made recipes, bleach or other products from big box  stores for cleaning decks.  These products can cause damage to the deck  surface. HR&G Cleaning uses professional grade deck cleaning  products that are designed to give better results and out perform  products from local hardware stores. If your paying for quality service,  don't you want the best products available?


When the weather starts warming up, families want to get outside. A  moss, dirt and debris covered patio is the last thing you want to deal  with. Let HR&G Cleaning restore the life back into your patio. Our  professional-grade, environmentally-friendly products clean your patio  without harming your plants or animals. Don't clean this weekend, let us  do the work instead.


Need some curb appeal? Our concrete driveway cleaning and walkway  pressure washing services can improve your driveways and walkways to  improve safety and appearance. First impressions of your concrete  driveway while driving up to the property make a difference, especially  if your preparing to put your home up for sale. We can remove the  toughest stains safely and quickly using professional grade,  environmentally-friendly products that won't harm your plants or pets.

Moss Control

To prevent moss growth on roofs, we use zinc sulphate. It is non-staining, residual and very effective. It stays on the roof until the rain lightly coats the roof. As long as enough zinc is on the roof, moss cannot get started. Zinc on the roof also stops and kills mold. This helps prevent roof staining. Dark colored roofs will have a salty appearance that goes away with the rain. This appearance is normal and temporary. Be pro-active when it comes to protecting your greatest investment... your home!

*We also provide an alternate baking soda moss treatment upon request.