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HR&G Cleaning will help you maintain the longevity of your roof. We use equipment specially calibrated at a low pressure to ensure a gentle, safe rinsing away of all the debris and stains. We apply a special zinc treatment for moss control after washing your roof. Zinc sulfate is a chemical approved by the EPA for this use and we use it sparingly. We finish by cleaning out your gutters and removing any debris that may have come down from your roof. At HR&G Cleaning, we pride ourselves in never leaving a mess behind!

*We also provide an alternate baking soda moss treatment upon request.

Will the process harm the plants around my home?

No. The products that we use are extremely gentle and will not harm any vegetation or surfaces around your home.

Do you use high pressure power washing on the roof?

NEVER! High pressure power washing can be very damaging to the shingles,  especially when it's done by someone who is inexperienced. Plus, it's  simply not an effective way to remove moss and stains from roofs. All of  our roof cleaning equipment is specially calibrated at a low pressure  to ensure a gentle safe rinsing away of all the moss, algae and stains.  IMPORANT: Before you hire someone to get on your roof, make sure that  they are experienced, insured, licensed and bonded!

Is there anything I can do to keep moss from growing back?

Yes. Once your roof has been cleaned by us, at your request, we will return once (or twice, if needed) a year for a fraction of the cost of  the initial cleaning to apply a special moss preventative treatment to  those previously cleaned areas. While we're there, we'll look to see if your gutters need cleaning and provide you with the results.

What about the do-it-yourself products?

These products can cause many problems. First of all, just about all of  them say "toxic" or "poisonous" right on the bottle. They are largely  ineffective in the long term, as well as the short term as far as roof  stain removal goes. Also, whenever homeowners climb up on their roof,  they put themselves at risk of slipping and falling. Roof cleaning is  serious business and it's always best to rely on the professionals.

Do zinc or copper strips work?

If algae is already growing on the roof, zinc and/or copper strips will  do nothing to remove it. Although both zinc and copper have properties  that may curtail the growth of algae, you would have to place so many  strips on your roof for them to be even marginally effective that your  roof would not look very appealing. Many homeowners who have tried the  strips end up peeling them off and tossing them away within a few years.


Can’t I just put bleach on my shingles?

Be very, very careful here. Many homeowners and contractors alike have  tried to use bleach or pool chlorine to remove the dark roof staining  caused by algae. The results can be disastrous if you do not know how to  properly handle this harsh chemical. We do not use any harmful  chemicals to remove the moss and algae from your roof. As a matter of  fact, we only use water! Nature's best and most effective cleaning  product.

What if I just leave the algae stains on the roof?

Algae is a living, growing organism and as such, will continue to grow.  Left untreated, in time it can cover your entire roof. A roof covered in  algae absorbs heat and results in a superheated attic, raising your  cooling costs. In addition, since algae feeds off the organic material  in your shingles, left untreated, your roof will require costly,  premature replacement. Why allow that to happened when you can have your  roof professionally cleaned and restored to its original, natural color  for a fraction of roof replacement costs?

Why should I choose Harbor Roof & Gutter Cleaning over another local contractor?

Because our process is gentle and effective. Many local contractors use  damaging high pressure to clean roofs, often causing more harm than  good. Often, they do not carry insurance, are not licensed or bonded.  Many of these companies start one day and are gone the next. Do your  homework before hiring anyone to get on your roof. Saving a few dollars  sounds good, but the damage to your roof or worse, an injury, could cost  you dearly in the long run. HR&GC is Experienced, Licensed, Bonded  and Insured.